Customer Experience Strategy Workshops

Strategy workshops are short, actionable engagements to prioritize opportunities, uncover challenges and develop optimized go-to-market approaches. In our experience, most consultants spend too much time analyzing and re-analyzing market and internal dynamics. While there is value in up-front work to decide on priorities, we believe that learning — based on these priorities — best takes place through action and feedback cycles. As such, our emphasis is on lightweight workshops that help to coalesce findings and opinion and get teams pointed in a single direction where learning can take place. 


> Strategic Assessment

Strategic Assessment is a lean, 2-4 week effort that involves data gathering, analysis and on-site workshops all designed to deliver an objective assessment of the existing strategic opportunities for customer-facing digital technology. The purpose of the Strategic Assessment is to understand the practical near and mid-term choices that are available to an organization, to prioritize and then ultimately to select a strategic path. Scaled Markets moderates and facilitates the effort and provides insights based on years of product development expertise. 


> Acceleration Workshop

The Acceleration Workshop is a 1-week internally-focused interview and data gathering session followed by a 1-2 day workshop where processes, organization and systems are mapped against the desired strategic goals in order to understand the hurdles and challenges that stand in the way of an accelerated digital transformation. 


> Client Opportunity Workshop

The Client Opportunity session analyzes and maps opportunities from an external client perspective. By first gathering client input on range of value and client experience related topics and then mapping those to internal processes and systems, we are able to develop a clear map of where the best opportunities lie for significant client experience improvement.