Customer Experience Solution Development

Solution Development at Scaled Markets is executed under the framework of Continuous Value Deliverytm. This approach is powerful because it recognizes that software product development is not a single event but takes place in stages as information and learnings are gathered. It makes little sense to address a downstream phase before questions in the prior phase have been answered. As such, the three phases of Continuous Value Deliverytm are:

Phase #1: Where are the validated opportunities for customer enrichment and where can step-function innovation be delivered both in terms of met needs and service experience?

Phase #2: Given a validated opportunity for innovation, what is the full range of services and capabilities necessary to achieve full customer adoption?

Phase #3: Given a functionally-rich service platform, what are sustaining innovations and strategic opportunities available to build loyalty and grow customer lifetime value?

Examples of custom software development developed by the Scaled Markets team with Continuous Value Deliverytm include:


Content Management Service for Financial Advisors

Financial advisors have unique needs for content management. Providing research, investment information and analysis that is tailored to the individual needs of the client is vitally important to client perceptions and value. Scaled Markets has developed a system that allows advisors to easily create client profiles that are then used to identify specific content packages for those clients. The result is greater advisor productivity and happier clients.


Development Portal for Secure Container Management

Scaled Markets developed a security platform that safely allows the customer — in this case software developers — to deploy container-based software that has been properly scanned for security flaws. The platform enables the use of multiple scanners which greatly decreases the risk associated with development and deployments with a particular container.


Customer Recommender Service

When customers need tailored product or service suggestions, recommender services provide an effective way to match customer interests with offerings. In practice, these services are generally deployed within customer-facing catalogs or service selection portals and can be easily integrated with existing customer and product databases.