What We Do

Scaled Markets exists to help organizations differentiate their customer experience with software. To do this, we provide consulting and software development services that support digital transformations. We offer these services in markets which are increasingly competitive; where differentiation is a key strategic imperative.

We help firms develop the people, processes and technologies that generate differentiated customer experiences as quickly and effectively as possible. This means helping out with news ways of approaching value creation, new tooling and technologies and new approaches to people and culture. Specifically, we get involved in one of three ways:


Transformation Leadership

Finding people who are deeply experienced in the art of digital transformation is not easy. Many teams are missing a critical element in areas such as cloud infrastructure, Agile coaching or DevOps architecture. Scaled Markets provides individuals to inject the experience necessary to get results quickly.  


Cloud Strategy

Moving from traditional on-premises infrastructure to cloud infrastructure is a significant change not only in technology but in the way that technology is built and deployed. Cloud infrastructure provides tremendous opportunities to automate virtually all aspects of development, testing, deployment and monitoring of key business applications. The right strategy for making this transition requires experience in cloud provider services and, more importantly, experience in designing practical strategies when deploying these services.


Solution Acceleration

Scaled Markets builds software products for firms that need an accelerated cloud solution but do not have the in-house resources or processes to create it themselves. We use a hybrid on-shore/off-shore model that balances technical vitality and cost with deep domain understanding and client support. We build products using our Continuous Value Deliverytm approach. This powerful proven approach provides an enormous range of options to our clients in terms of velocity, cost and product scope.