In a world with proliferating customer choices, marketplace differentiation has become a key strategic imperative. We exist to help organizations differentiate their customer experience with software. To do this, we provide strategy, consulting and software development services that accelerate the transformation to a digital customer experience. Our services are based on innovative thinking about where and how work gets done and how clients perceive value. 

Our mission is to help firms find success in the digital economy as quickly and effectively as possible. This means helping out with news ways of approaching innovation, new tooling and technologies and new cultural aspects. To do this, we provide our services in three ways:


Customer Experience Strategy Workshops

Strategy workshops are short, actionable engagements to prioritize opportunities, uncover challenges and develop optimized go-to-market approaches. In our experience, most consultants spend too much time analyzing and re-analyzing market and internal dynamics. While there is value in up-front work to decide on priorities, we believe that learning — based on these priorities — best takes place through action and feedback cycles. As such, our emphasis is on lightweight workshops that help to coalesce findings and opinion and get teams pointed in a single direction where learning can take place. 


Customer Experience Consulting

Our consulting services are focused on helping clients transition from internally-focused capabilities to external customer-facing capabilities for the purpose of digital transformation. This means:

  • strengthening customer learning and market innovation

  • establishing Agile, cross-functional team structures

  • increasing organizational flexibility and cadence

To do this, we use continuous learning, software development and deployment as the means to identify and prioritize organizational changes. We identify the process, organization, technology and cultural changes to achieve continuous software deployments. Our consulting services take the form of on-site analysis, coaching, training and development.


Customer Experience Solution Development

One of the most effective ways to achieve marketplace differentiation is through the use of custom software products that are highly tailored to specific customer needs via an intuitive user experience. These types of offerings enable firms to build on their existing customer base and strengthen their competitive advantage.

Scaled Markets develops custom products for organizations who seek to achieve marketplace differentiation through software. We build products using our Continuous Value Deliverytm approach. This powerful approach offers an enormous range of options to our clients in terms of velocity, cost and product scope. With Continuous Value Deliverytm, clients can avoid project cost overruns and delays while reaping the benefits associated with custom software products.