Customer Experience Consulting

When firms decide to undergo digital transformation to strengthen their customer experience, starting points can be vary tremendously. As a result, each consulting engagement is different. However, common questions we help to answer are:

  • how is technology currently being deployed within the organization? 

  • how can bottlenecks that impede flexibility be removed?

  • how are internal organizational dynamics limiting or preventing digital transformation?

  • what are the core technology capabilities necessary to achieve business goals?

  • how can Agile and Lean approaches best be implemented?

  • what are the critical operational metrics that need to be measured?

Typical engagements include:


Financial Services Transformation

A financial services organization needed to move from a traditional internally-focused IT function to an Agile, customer-focused capability. They asked us to execute a series of interviews and workshops beginning with a Value Stream analysis to uncover bottlenecks in the way work was getting done. We then worked with both technology and business teams to develop newer, more cross-functional approaches to getting technology systems deployed to support both internal and external users. Over time, a wide range of organizational, process and technology improvements were implemented.


Software Time-To-Market Improvement

A large manufacturer needed to greatly reduce the time-to-market for new software while also improving software quality. They asked us to help automate a manual software development process in order to implement a more comprehensive automated test approach while also reducing the time required to get new software capabilities to the marketplace. This involved a range of software process and tooling changes that also resulted in lower cloud computing costs.